How to store and pack Mellelaion

How to store and pack Mellelaion

We are olive oil producers. However, the quantity produced is limited, therefore you should not expect to find our olive oil on the supermarket shelves next to numerous other olive oil brands. We produce and pack a product of excellent quality, 100% pure, unmixed, and healthy from our olive grove for you to use in hour household.

Therefore, once this extra virgin olive oil is produced, we transport it on our own means to our cellars situated in our farmhouse, and store it in appropriate tanks. We follow this procedure because we consider our olive oil as an important member of our family, therefore it cannot be kept in a place away from our uninterrupted care.

Throughout the whole process, from production to package, there is no mechanical intervention, and all steps are made manually and according to natural procedures.

Συσκευασίες 1ltr & 5ltr Mellelaion

Συσκευασίες Mellelaion

Once we store the product in the tanks, we leave the oil “rest” and start its natural cleaning process “on its own”. This process lasts 40-60 days.

The olive oil will then be transparent and “crystal-clear”, without having suffered any mechanical intervention or any kind of processing, mixing, refining, filtering or distillation.

Once the 60-day period is completed, and all foreign particles have settled down on the bottom of the tanks, we separate the upper layers of the pure olive oil and we pack it in one (1) and five (5) liter containers.

This extra virgin olive oil “mell-elaion” is now ready to be consumed and enjoyed by you and your family.

And remember, we are offering you the same olive oil that we consume in our family too. It is the same olive oil that our children have in their food. This is the highest guarantee we can provide.