Greek Extra Virgin Olive OIL

In a country,blessed by the Olympian gods with bright sunshine and a mild Mediterranean climate, thrive the olive trees that give us the famous and of high quality greek olive oil.

Ancient Greeks had a perfect knowledge of the therapeutic properties of olive oil and loved quality gastronomy; this is why they made olive oil a basic ingredient of greek cooking, a tradition also followed by modern Greeks.


In this region and in our privately-owned estate of 150 stremmas, we have been cultivating the well-known varieties “MANAKI” and “KORONEIKI” for four generations. We produce and package “MELL-ELAION”, the extra virgin KRANIDI OLIVE OIL, in traditional natural ways, without filtering or refining, following the traditional ways of cultivation and production, because we want to keep the time-honoured values, the purity and the original taste of extra virgin olive oil unaltered through time, just as they have been abundantly offered to us by the Greek soil, up to the standards of the internationally renowned Mediterranean Diet.

We now offer you the opportunity to acquire and taste our high-quality olive oil at your home. We are certain that you will become our customers and friends for ever.

You can buy our olive oil in tin or plastic containers of one (1) or five (5) litres at the price of 4,9 euros per litre. You only have to place your order and send the relevant amount to our bank account in Greece and we send the olive oil at your door.

ATTENTION: Our olive oil does not come from mass production and is only available in limited quantities for this reason we are obliged to keep a strict order of priority.

We would like to inform you that all data submitted are strictly treated as your personal data to be exclusively used for the specific sales contract, drafted and fulfilled in Greece, and for communication purposes between the two parties, with the exceptions provided for by the Greek law.

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We would also be very glad to have you in Greece and show you our estate and the conditions of production and packaging of extra virgin olive oil you have in your kitchen.

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